Southern Comfort

Case Study

If you’ve ever visited Mzansi, you will have felt, seen and heard the Spirit of the South. Travel 13,384 kilometres northwest, and you’ll find yourself in another equally spirited Southern city, New Orleans. Hoorah was briefed to relaunch Southern Comfort to new generation South African consumers. So, we reimagined Southern Comfort’s global position, the spirit of New Orleans, to speak to the local market, and introduced the Spirit of the South campaign.

Our research identified gaps in uptake by our target market consumers, which paved the way for our through the line campaign to take flight. We went all in and launched an influencer activation strategy, rolled out a TV commercial supported by a full-blown digital strategy and took to radio, print, in-store and on trade advertising, reaching people nationwide.

Pretty comprehensive, right? That’s not all. In phase 2, we optimized and got granular. You’ll have to watch the video to hear all about that.