Case Study

Avon is, and always has been a brand at the forefront in the beauty industry for generations, across the world. As a business that originated from door-to-door sales, empowering women globally prior and through the digital evolution, it is important to not only keep the legacy of its origins but to be confident in the consistency of the brand, the products and staying relevant.

We developed the #ChooseAvon campaign, to proudly express the value and consistency of a beauty brand that has not just stayed relevant through the changes of consumer needs in a digital age, but also win the hearts of a new generation and elevate the value, in price and quality, of the brands’ products.

The message is simple. #ChooseAvon, like those before you, because we deliver on the promise of affordable quality that meet up with the coolest trends around.

Putting proof to promise, we focussed on communicating the brand claims with actual testimonials and brand awards.