"5th Child"


In rural South Africa, many people face a harsh reality – a lack of access to clean drinking water forces them to resort to contaminated sources, exposing them to harmful parasites and bacteria. Shocking data reveals that a staggering 1 in 5 deaths among children under the age of 5 in South Africa is attributed to diarrhoea. This disconcerting statistic underscores the urgent need for clean water solutions in the country, a mission championed by Save The Children, a prominent independent organization dedicated to the care and protection of children. Enterogermina®, the world's leading over-the-counter probiotic*, has joined forces with Save The Children in a transformative partnership aimed at generating life-changing funds. For every pack sold, R20 will be contributed to the cause, enabling us to deliver clean drinking water solutions to the most vulnerable communities.

Introducing the "5th Child" campaign – an initiative designed to put a face to the sobering statistics surrounding diarrhoea-related child deaths and humanize the young lives at stake. Our campaign takes you on a journey through the eyes of the 5th Child, who begins by sharing their everyday experiences at school and home. What begins as a heart-warming account of a child's day takes a poignant turn when it becomes evident that this child's day ends with the consumption of contaminated water. The implication is clear: without intervention, this child faces a grim fate due to the unsafe water they ingest. Complemented by additional campaign materials that drive support and purchases, we've successfully raised funds that are poised to change the course of the 5th Child's life for the better.