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Seen it, ‘gram it: Social media and social anxiety

Without a doubt, social media has contributed to a society of nervous, fidgety, and anxious people. A society of people who wake up, pick up their phones and don’t put them down for the next 16 hours. We no longer know what impulse control is and, even worse, we no longer care about the time we spend staring into our phones while we’re missing out on real life.

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Improve data use

Big data is that buzzword that explains the growing volume of data encompassing every aspect of human life. It relates to the notion that almost every human action can be quantified and logged in a bank of data that is expanding at an unusual rate.

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Opinion: Lessons from Lush — why quitting social is a terrible idea

Earlier this month, UK-based cosmetics company, Lush, announced that it was quitting social media. While the reasons it gave for doing so — that it was “tired of fighting with algorithms” and didn’t want to “pay to appear” in newsfeeds — will be familiar to anyone who’s ever run a corporate social media account, they simply don’t warrant such drastic action, in my opinion. In fact, in doing so, Lush risks a slide into obscurity and irrelevance.

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