Essentiale® Extreme #NoFilter


Every year, liver disease takes the lives of 2 million people around the globe. Referred to as “a silent killer” by healthcare professionals, liver disease and its symptoms tend to manifest only in the disease’s advanced stages, once the damages are irreversible. Essentiale® Extreme, the leading liver health supplement in the country, had a clear goal: to raise awareness among Gen Z and Millennials about the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices on liver health. The brand showed up where these consumers are most active, confronting their reliance on filters to hide flaws and portray only their perfected selves to the world. Essentiale® Extreme launched the #NoFilter Filter, the social filter that shows you what you would look like living with liver disease. A novel way to deliver the brand’s message: The only filter that matters is your body’s natural filter, the liver. This filter doesn't beautify. Instead, it starkly demonstrates the potential physical manifestations of liver disease. By confronting users with a realistic portrayal of themselves bearing the signs of liver disease, the campaign aims to foster a powerful understanding of the importance of liver health. Hoorah and Essentiale® Extreme’s campaign serves as a wake-up call to Mzansi's youth, reminding them that while social filters can alter appearances, they cannot shield your health from the harmful effects of poor lifestyle choices, like overindulgence. Through the #NoFilter campaign, Essentiale® Extreme challenged consumers to look beyond the surface and consider what's truly important—their long-term health, with the liver playing a pivotal role. Not only have Essentiale® Extreme created a movement, shining the light on liver disease, but the liver health supplement brand has built a community of advocates that possesses the power to save countless lives.

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