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Via data analysis, we identified DStv Compact and Access subscribers and launched a campaign targeting them to upgrade their subscriptions.

We love working with clients to solve their challenges through creative solutions and data-driven insights. So, when DStv hit us up intending to encourage South Africans to scale their subscriptions by upselling their Access and Compact subscribers and onboarding new customers to the Compact Plus package, we knew we were in for an epic campaign.

Via data analysis, we identified specific suburbs in Johannesburg that showed high volume usage of DStv in their households, especially in the Compact and Access package range. Based on trends and audience insights, we decided to hero the telenovela, Lingashoni, and connect with our target users using hyper-localised messaging to drive lead generation.

We didn’t stop there. The client also challenged us to improve the overall speed of signing up to DStv Now. Piggybacking on the first campaign, we optimised the user journey, integrated a tagging system and supported it with a cleverly crafted creative plan.

Job done? You better believe it! We’ll let the metrics speak for themselves. Check out the video for the whole story.

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