Bain’s Whisky – Pata Pata Reimagined


Bookmarks 2023: Bronze - Innovative use of media Bronze - Online Video New Generation Awards 2023: Gold - Best community engagement award Gold - Best use of technical innovation Bronze - Best integrated marketing campaign Pendoring: Silver - Film Craft Gold - Film Crafts Craft Certificat - Film Crafts
We launched a campaign for the world’s most awarded single grain whisky by reimagining an iconic South African musician’s sound in the spirit of Remastery, Bain’s Whisky’s brand positioning.

This #WhiskyRemastered campaign was built around the concept of acknowledging what has come before, and then respectfully reimagining it to make it yours. The TVC aims to celebrate and acknowledge South African creatives, past and present, who never settle and continue to innovate, advancing their craft while influencing and inspiring future artists for generations to come. Through the use of spot-on casting, CGI and AI technology we were able to create a Bain’s TVC that honoured Makeba, and debuted the incredible song – Pata Pata Saquguka.

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