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Avon – Nova Arcade Studio


Hoorah Inside built an in-house creative studio for Avon that enabled the makeup mothership to produce head-turning ad campaigns driven by data-led insights.

How does a makeup brand forge a revenue-boosting marketing machine while staying true to its core products? Hoorah constructed and crafted an in-house creative studio for Avon that enables the makeup mothership to produce eye-popping ad campaigns based on data-led decisions. With innovation and operational capabilities at the forefront, we flipped Avon into Nova, and the crowd went wild. To acknowledge the bright array of colours seen in their product lines and to jubilantly celebrate the integration of a top-flite digital agency into their stable, our client loved the proposal of adding the word Arcade to the naming convention.

Avon’s star has just got brighter with the exciting addition of Nova Arcade.

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